Del means 'Heart' in Persian

I started working in a team with Del in 2006 and earned much of my experience by his assistance. During that time I always asked him; Del why you are not taking care the security measures like other foreigners? He had to reply " I look like you Afghans" 

I left Afghanistan and now living in exile, but we appreciate his contribution. He is still living in our hearts. 


Waheed Haider

photo1 Message from Del

Del the Best Friend and Colleague by Ann Collins

Del was one of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to know. We met in Afghanistan and he soon became one of my closest friends, kind, funny, talented and one of the very few people who literally everyone liked! I could go on forever with stories of how he made us all laugh in a pretty tough environment both in Afghanistan and Palestine but suffice to say he was a light that shone everywhere he went, whether that be when dealing with tough decisions in the office (usually helped by breakfast nt our diets with chili chips!!), talking about his adored family, or making me drink yet another Long Island Iced Tea!! You are loved and missed Del always xxx


Del's Lasting Mark by Ann Wardle

The last time I saw him was at Labour conference in Brighton, brimming with life and good-natured confidence. I am so sorry he isn’t with us any more. He loved his family and friends, worked hard campaigning for the party and would have made a great MEP. He was truly a legend.


Del Singh, A Real Champion

I am Dr Mohammad Mustafa Mussamem from Afghanistan. I and Del Singh had worked together in a number of projects in Afghanistan. He was not only a good colleague, but a true friend of me and other team members. He was a professional man with broad expertise. He was always open to help anyone he could by any means. He was a funny man and was so interested to learn Afghani jokes and use them among colleagues. He always tried to make us laugh in order to not get bored with work. I really miss him!


How I Met Del by Alaina Hughes

I met Del a few years back at a Labour Party BBQ. My mum (Maggie Hughes) invited me along for the day. I had heard so much about Del through my mum and all being so positive. When I met Del my mum was totally right he was funny and had such a great sense of humour and made me feel very welcome. Del was a pleasure to be around and made me happy as he always put a dmile on my mums face whenever she had a bad day for what ever reason. Del it was a pleasure to have met you and you may not be present but you sure will never be forgotten. Thank you for making my mum laugh and smile and for being a good friend to mum. Take care love Alaina X